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Electric Showerheads


  • Coral MAX 110V Electric Shower Head Instant Hot Water Heater + FREE Support Arm



    110v Electric Shower Head

    Enjoy Instant Hot Water 

    Ideal for Small Apartments, Cabins and RVs

    FREE Support 

    Compared to others:

    • Retails for $99 at other stores

    • Exclusive : 3 Power Settings Selector  : 1870W - 3200W - 4500W   
        "All other offers  y have 1 or 2 power settings"         
    • Exclusive : 17 inch Coated Wire Harness for Safety "All other offers   have a short duplex wire ,user has to join wire near splash zone"  
    • Exclusive: Free Arm/Pipe/Tube/Support ($14.99 Value)  
    • All other offers show the arm in the listing  but  the fine print says you need to buy it separately! 
    • Exclusive Design on Nipple/Pipe/Tube Support  New 2 part design conceals wire harness inside tube revealing an exquisite and slender configuration instead of ugly exposed wired coming out of the showerhead (see photos)

    FREE Support 

  • CORAL 110V CLASSIC MODEL Electric Showerhead Tankless Water Heater shower head

    CORALBRAND... ELECTRIC SHOWER HEAD TANKLESS HOT WATER HEATER 110 V... BRAND NEW ! FACTORY SEALED BAG... READY TO INSTALL (See Installation Details at the end of this listing)... 3 litERs minute (46 gal /hour - 0.8 gAl /min)... 110 volts - 28 amps... Power Rating: 2750 W... Check out our Video on...
  • CORAL 110V Electric Shower Head Instant Water Heater

    110 volt unit...

    Includes Free "Bidet" extra mini-showerhead connected to a 4' mini hose for optional...

    Two Power Settings 3000W and 5500W
  • Coral MAX 220V Electric Shower Head Instant HOT WATER HEATER + FREE support/TUBE



    220 volt... This one Includes FREE Arm/Tube/Support Nipple to elegantly mount on your bathroom... Special design allows electric wiring to be concealed inside nipple housing showing a clean and safe installation... Includes Free "Bidet" extra mini-showerhead connected to a 4' mini hose for optional intimate higiene... CORAL... Two Power Settings 3000W and 5500W