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    110v Electric Shower Head

    Enjoy Instant Hot Water 

    Ideal for Small Apartments, Cabins and RVs

    FREE Support 

    Compared to others:

    • Retails for $99 at other stores
    • Exclusive : 3 Power Settings Selector  : 1870W – 3200W – 4500W     “All other offers  y have 1 or 2 power settings”
    • Exclusive : 17 inch Coated Wire Harness for Safety “All other offers   have a short duplex wire ,user has to join wire near splash zone”
    • Exclusive: Free Arm/Pipe/Tube/Support ($14.99 Value)
    • All other offers show the arm in the listing  but  the fine print says you need to buy it separately!
    • Exclusive Design on Nipple/Pipe/Tube Support :  New 2 part design conceals wire harness inside tube revealing an exquisite and slender configuration instead of ugly exposed wired coming out of the showerhead (see photos)

    FREE Support 


    220 volt… This one Includes FREE Arm/Tube/Support Nipple to elegantly mount on your bathroom… Special design allows electric wiring to be concealed inside nipple housing showing a clean and safe installation… Includes Free “Bidet” extra mini-showerhead connected to a 4′ mini hose for optional intimate higiene… CORAL… Two Power Settings 3000W and 5500W

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